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Treatment Centers. The substance abuse treatment industry as a whole, is getting squeezed by insurance companies. The only way to get more money is to ensure your billing is done on a claim-by-claim basis which is our specialty. Surgery Centers. Surgery Centers, as busy as they are, have a large number of claims. Especially, Managed surgery centers. Because of the high demand, we understand the need for centers like these to have the ability to drill into the details. We provide reporting and summary data for these claims that satisfies that need.
What are your struggles?

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Low Paid or Denied Claims

Sick and tired of fighting to get paid? Getting fed up with the denials stacking up in your back office? Tired of getting the minuscule payments for claims that you are owed way more for? Transparent Claims has your solution. As former center owners, we understand your plight first-hand. We understand the frustration that comes with fighting for money you know that you’re owed. Being told on paperwork you are getting one amount yet receiving one that is considerably lower than what was agreed upon. How can insurers get away with that? Who has the time or resources to take them all to court? Who can afford to stop their work at their facility to address all of these issues? No centers can. But we can. We will do the heavy lifting for you. Leave the dirty work to us. We will get you paid. We have our boxing gloves ready to get in the ring with insurers and to get you your due.

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Low Grade Data

Try getting paid on a claim when you have limited data on either the carrier’s plan or the data is not clear enough to determine whether or not you can get paid for certain services. Don’t worry. We’ve got this. We can take care of the research necessary to find out exactly what you need to know to get paid for the services you are about to provide your patients. Why wait until it’s too late to find out that you might not get paid because of a technicality, exclusion or grey area you didn’t know about? It just doesn’t seem fair, does it? Unfortunately, that’s how this system works. Luckily for you, we are pros in this and can take over this process for you. Focus on your patients. Let us handle this research associated with your billing.

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Missed Billing Opportunities

Some billers lack creativity. In order to get paid, it’s important to sometimes think outside of the box. Our talented team of billers and industry experts at Transparent Claims can help your center do just that. Too many times, prime opportunities to bill are missed. Tons of centers are simply leaving money on the table. What if money was left on the table with every single patient? No matter how small an amount might seem, it can definitely add up when you can tie it to every single patient. What if the amount wasn’t small? What if it was large? Ouch! That would hurt, wouldn’t it? Is the insurance company going to tell you that you left money on the table? No way. The burden to bill lies with you as well as the billing opportunities themselves. Why risk losing any more money? Let us take care of you. We know what we’re doing. Our discovery process will help you to collect more money based upon the billing opportunities that you may have missed. Give us a call for a consultation.