Payment Problems?

Out of network issues are at the heart of many treatment centers’ headaches. Slow payments, no payments, what payments?

OUT OF NETWORK. The words many facilities dread because they anticipate the drawn-out process that comes next. The system is obviously broken. Substance abuse treatment facilities and surgery centers are not being paid on their claims properly. It’s creating a lot of financial strain for these centers which can result in some closing their doors.

What type of out of network issues is your center experiencing? Underpaid claims? Denials? Slow payments?

How about the outlandish demands on paperwork that turns into a never-ending cycle of repeat requests, lost documents, and delayed responses?

We understand what you are going through and are here to help. Transparent Claims is your resource for claims done right. We work hard on our clients’ claims to help them get things done right the first time around. Our goal is to get ahead of the problem, so that our clients can focus more on getting new patients and less on fighting to get paid on the services already rendered. Contact us for a free consultation.